Division Description - Minor A

Minor A - Hybrid Coach/Player Pitch
This is a Coach/Player Pitching League using a player pitcher the first 2 innings, pitching from 46', and a coach pitcher innings 3 and on pitching from 37-43'.
In innings 1-2, a player pitcher will pitch to the batter.  If the pitcher delivers 4 balls before the ball is put in play or 3 swinging strikes, the Coach Pitcher will finish the at bat for the batter.
The batter will maintain his strike count when the Coach Pitcher takes over the at bat.
Coach Pitcher will deliver a maximum of 5 pitches, until 3 swinging strikes, or the ball is put into play.  
A Foul Ball on the 5th pitch will grant the batter another pitch but they must swing or will be called out.
There are no walks in this division.  However, if the kid pitcher does hit the batter, the batter will be awarded first base.
Innings 3 and on will be straight Coach Pitch.
Runners will advance at their own risk while the ball is live.
There is no stealing in this division.
Can only advance home on a batted ball, not a wild pitch.

Player Pitcher will pitch the first 2 innings.
Batter will retain his strike count from Player Pitcher.
Coach will pitch until 3 swinging strikes or five (5) pitches.  
A player will not take the base on a hit by pitch from the coach.
Each player must play at least one infield position per game. Catcher is considered an infield position.
Player Pitchers shall pitch from 46’ distance.
A new pitcher shall be used each inning and may not pitch consecutive games.
The defense shall field a maximum of nine (9) players consisting of six (6) infielders and three (3) outfielders. 
Outfielder must begin the play in the grass portion of the outfield.
The pitcher shall be positioned no closer than three (3) feet on either side of the pitching rubber, no further than eight (8) feet from the pitching rubber, and shall be even with or no more than five (5) feet behind (towards outfield) the line between first base and third base. 
The pitcher cannot move forward of the pitching coach until the pitch is delivered.

A runner may not advance home on a passed ball or wild pitch.
A runner must be batted or walked in to score a run.  
Batted in means a ball being put in play by the batter from a pitch delivered by the pitcher.  During the subsequent play, runners are free to advance bases at their own risk until time is called by the umpire.
Walked in means any situation where runners occupy first, second, and third base simultaneously (bases loaded), and the batter is  hit-by-pitch and is awarded first base.
On balls in play, runners may advance at their own risk, until one of the following occurs:
The defense hinders advancement of any baserunners.
Umpire calls time when the pitcher has the ball.
All baserunners score.
Run limit is reached.

The Spring season typically starts at the beginning of March and runs through early June.
The Fall season typically starts in early September and runs through early November.

Each team plays a minimum of 10-12 regular season games per season. (6-8 games for Fall season.)
Games played during the week generally start at 6pm.
Games played on Saturday will be generally scheduled at times ranging from 9am to 5pm.
Game length is "no new inning" after 1 hour 30 minutes.
A playoff tournament is played at the end of the regular season, typically double elimination. ***Spring Season Only***
Sunday afternoon/evenings (after 1pm) will be used for makeup games.

Practice occurs one weekday and one weekend for three to four weeks prior to the season with some practices during the season at the manager's discretion.

CLL provides a jersey and hat.  
Jerseys have names (Spring Season Only) and numbers. Rubber cleats are highly recommended.

Parents must provide ball glove and helmet.
Players shall have their own USA stamped bat.  https://www.littleleague.org/playing-rules/bat-rules/
Catchers are strongly encouraged to have their own equipment.
Athletic supporter (cup) required for gameplay for boys in this division.

Teams usually consist of 11-12 players, one (1) volunteer manager, two (3) volunteer coaches, and one (1) volunteer team parent.

Minor Baseball FAQ’S

Q: Can I play up to a higher division?
A: Yes, players in this division can play any division that 8 year olds can play. This includes Minor A or AA. Please refer to our Play Up rules in our Bylaws for more information on playing up. 

Q: Do you keep score and are there umpires?
A: Yes. *** Spring Season Only *** Every manager maintains a scorebook. League standings are kept to determine a regular season winner and to determine playoff games. There is a home plate umpire.

Q: What size field do they play on?
A: All games are played on a regulation Little League. Bases are 60' apart and the player pitcher is from 46'.  Coach will pitch from no closer than 37'.

Q: Can I have my child play on a team with their friends?
A: Not unless they are drafted on to that team. In this age group, player's skills are evaluated in a skills assessment. Then a draft is held.  Please note, we reserve the right to move your child to a different division based on their skill level observed at assessments.  

Q: Can I Manage or coach a team?
A: Yes, if positions are available. Prospective managers must complete an online application. If you would like to serve as a coach, then please note that on your child's spring online registration. All managers and coaches must be approved by the Chesterfield Little League Board of Directors.

Q: Will my child get to play all the time?
A: No, not all the time, but no player sits twice until all have sit once. Exception will be the pitcher and catcher

Q: What are the volunteer requirements?
A: CLL is an all-volunteer organization so there are many ways to volunteer. Help is always needed with registration, team parenting, assisting with picture and opening night activities, helping with post-season tournaments, and working in the concession stand to name just a few of the many ways to help support CLL.

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