Division Description - Rookie Coach Pitch

6-7 Year Old Rookie Baseball

6 Year Olds wanting to play Rookie must have completed at least one season of Tee Ball.
This is a Coach Pitch League where coaches will throw live pitches to their own batters from 37-43' for the entirety of the game.
Batters will have (5) pitches to successfully hit or 3 swinging strikes. Continued hitting on 5th pitch foul ball.
Batters will be ruled out if unsuccessful after 5 pitches.

The Spring season typically starts at the beginning of March and runs through early June.
The Fall season typically starts in early September and runs through early November.

Each team plays at least 10-12 regular season games. (6-8 games for Fall season.)
Games played during the week generally start at 6pm.
Games played on Saturday will be generally scheduled at times ranging from 10am to 5pm. Game length is "no new inning" after 1 hour 15 minutes.
We will use Sunday afternoon/evenings (after 1pm) for makeup games as necessary.

Practice occurs a minimum of one weekday and one weekend for three to four weeks prior to the season with some practices during the season at the manager's discretion.

CLL provides a jersey and hat. Player's name (in Spring Season) and number will be on each jersey.
Rubber cleats are highly recommended.

Parents must provide ball glove, batting helmet, and USA Baseball certified baseball bat.  https://www.littleleague.org/playing-rules/bat-rules/
Catcher's gear is strongly recommended if your child plans to catch.
Athletic supporters (cups) are also required for gameplay for boys.

Teams usually consist of 12-13 players, one (1) volunteer manager, three (3) volunteer coaches, and one (1) volunteer team parent.

CLL is an all-volunteer organization. We need everyone’s help! Parents are asked to volunteer in concessions at least once throughout the season and to support CLL through fund-raisers.

Rookie Baseball FAQ’S

Q: Can I play up to a higher division?
A: Yes, all 7s in this division can play up to Minor A. Please review both division descriptions carefully and register your player for the division best suited for their skill level.  If you are unsure, they may assess for both and we will place them in the division that suits that skill level best.

Q: Do you keep score and are there umpires?
A: There is an one umpire on the field during games.  This is still and instructional division, so while score is kept we do not keep standings. 

Q: What size field do they play on?
A: All games are played on a regulation Little League. Bases are 60' apart and the pitcher mound is 46' from home plate. Coach Pitchers will deliver the ball from no closer than 37 feet from home plate.

Q: Can I have my child play on a team with their friends?
A: Not unless they are drafted on to that team. In this age group, player's skills are evaluated in a skills assessment. Then a draft is held (Spring Only).

Q: Can I Manage or coach a team?
A: Yes, if positions are available. Prospective managers must complete an online application. If you would like to serve as a coach, then please note that on your child's spring online registration. All managers and coaches must be approved by the Chesterfield Little League Board of Directors.

Q: Will my child get to play all the time?
A: No, not all the time, but no player sits twice until all have sit once.

Q: What are the volunteer requirements?
A: CLL is an all-volunteer organization so there are many ways to volunteer. Help is always needed with registration, team parenting, assisting with picture and opening night activities, helping with post-season tournaments, and working in the concession stand to name just a few of the many ways to help support CLL.

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